Adcon - SCADA

Modern industries in the small & medium sectors have to depend on instrumentation & automation to achieve safety, efficiency and quality control to survive the global competition in the market. Plant Engineers & Operators prefer computerized data acquisition, logging, plant monitoring, study of parameter trends, alarm management features over conventional control panels with dedicated instruments.However conventional DCS systems are often very expensive for small & medium plants with tight budgets. This extremely low cost solution is offered in the form of a totally indigenous SCADA System from Advance Concepts.

  1. Extremely low cost compared to some of the prevailing SCADA Solutions in the market
  2. Uses RS232/485 MODBUS protocol for communicating with all devices
  3. Highly user-friendly computer based monitoring
  4. Factory layout configured by user, all nodes monitored also user configured in the software
  5. Supports analog as well as digital nodes, sensors to determine operating range
  6. Supports Authorization and Authentication capabilities to control monitoring & admin access
  7. Provides business friendly reports of daily/hourly data and data export capability

Min. System Requirements:OS: Win XP/7, RAM: 256 MB, disk: 1 GB
Peripheral requirements:Atleast 1 COM port, Keyboard, Mouse
Supported Sensor interface:Supports RS232/485 Interface using MODBUS protocol
Max. no of sensors:9999

Pricing Details