Pulse Jet Timer

Our organization offers Pulse Jet Timer that is extensively used for online bag filter cleaning. This equipment works at 110 V / 230 V AC/24V DC, at the rate of 4 amp per channel. With the assistance of expert professionals, we have been able to put forth equipment having long-lasting functional utility and performance. Some of the technical specifications of this equipment are as follows: Field Selectable Parameters: On Time, Pause Time, Number of active channels Optional Extra: Self-diagnostics Mode of Operation: Continuous / On Demand through DP switch across Bag filter Housing: Wall mount CRCA Sheet steel housing (IP 55). Available in 10ch, 16ch, 32ch, 48ch, 64ch versions

  1. Automatically turns each channel ON for user configurable period of time.
  2. ON time can be set by user using keypad between 1 and 99 ms
  3. Waits for configurable OFF time and automatically turns ON next channel.
  4. OFF time can be set by user using keypad to anything between 1 & 99 secs or between 10 to 990 secs @ 10s multiples
  5. User can even choose not to use some channels provided and specify the number of channels in a cycle
  6. Cycle interval time can be set between 0.1 min to 9.9 min adjustable @0.1m (6secs)
  7. Wall-mounting enclosure with 2mm thick CRCA sheet steel fabricated, IP-55 class weather protected casing with hinged front door with viewing windows. Dry powder coat painted.
  8. Keypad based user configurable time settings - ON/OFF/Cycle interval times
  9. Cycles initiate in Continuous mode or On-demand mode
  10. Optional fault monitoring module that reports system status, cycle status through potential free relay contacts
  11. No of active channel can also be adjusted upto the number of physical channels provided.

Power Supply:SMPS AC 85-265V
Max Channels:10/16/32/48/64 channel variants
Make material:2mm thick CRCA sheet steel fabricated
Output Volt:Supported solenoid valve ratings: AC 110V240V 1ph & DC 24Volts
Output Current:Max inrush (both AC & DC) 4A
Operating Modes:Continuous or On-demand

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