Sequential Controllers

Our organization is engaged in offering various types of sequential controllers that operate channels (ON/OFF) at intervals based on field settable parameters. Based on this base principle we have the following types of products:
  • Variable Stepping Controls - Mainly used for bunker, silo air blasters. This equipment has various field settable parameters like on-time and pause time of individual channels and can be availed in field mounted units with auto and manual operation.
  • Overlapping Zone Controllers - Mainly used in Dry Ash Transportation duty cycles. Equivalent to a mechanical cam timer, this machine comes with 5, 6, 7 channels having 110 V / 220 V AC 4 amp output
  • Multi Channel Recycling Controllers Mainly used for pulsating outputs of Acoustic Cleaning Systems and Coal Washing Jigs, it is integrated with programmable channel ON / OFF duty cycles & repeats, channel to channel intervals and cycle interval. Field mounted and panel mounted units available.
  • Fixed Stepping Controllers This is mainly used for Air Conditioner back switching, Silo Aeration and similar application. Available in 4ch / 6ch variants at 110V/220V AC @ 4A per channel. Field Settable Parameters: On Time (Hours/Minute), Pause Time (Minute/Second), and Number of Channels. Field mounted and Panel mounted units are available.

  1. Field settable parameters: ON-time, OFF-time, Pause time & Cycle Interval time
  2. Parameters can be set per channel using easy-to-use keypad
  3. Field and panel mounted options available for different products
  4. For multi-channel units, even number of channels can also be selected
  5. Electronically programmable sequential timer that sequentially turns channel ON for a configurable period and then OFF for configurable period, and then goes to next channel.

Output Volt:AC 110V/220Volts
Output Current:per channel 4A
Power Supply:AC 1ph 50/60Hz 85-265V
Max Channels:Varies across products:
  • Variable Stepping Controls - 5/7
  • Overlaping Zone Controllers - 5
  • Fixed Stepping Controller - 4/6
Measurement & Display Resolution:2 digit 7 segment LED display

Pricing Details