Payload Batch Weigher

The Payload Batch Weigher offered by us is used for loading minerals, ores and coal. This weigher loads the material to hoppers, bunkers and wagons in batches that involves numerous trips of the pay loader between the source stockpile and the destination. The basic function of this batch weigher is to measure the weight of material transported in each trip and sum up all the weights till completion of batch. Further, it also stores the number of trips and total weight of material transported for each batch. All this information is stored in a detachable USB pen drive.

  1. Detects payloader trips using mechanical sensor and tracks weight of each trip
  2. Highly sophisticated multi-step one time calibration procedure allows very accurate data
  3. 2 line 20 char backlit LCD display, batch complete indicator
  4. Push button to allow user to indicate end of a batch
  5. Programmable preset batch weight to specify batch limit
  6. Complete batch data (includes weight transported in each trip) available in CSV in detachable USB pen-drive

Power Supply:24V DC sourced from vehicle batteryV
Max Channels:1 device per payloader
Measurement & Display Resolution:2 line 20 char backlit LCD display
Extendibility:Output batch data available in CSV format in detachable USB drive

Pricing Details