Conveyor Belt Weigher

The Conveyor Belt Weigher offered by us is used for measuring the mass flow rate of material. In order to indicate material flow rate in Tons / Hours, this equipment multiplies the instantaneous weight of the loaded belt (tare corrected for empty belt), with the linear speed of the belt (sensed by digital encoder). This unit also indicates the Total Flow in Tons. The retransmission output (4-20 MA DC) of this equipment is directly proportional to the rate of flow. Check out some of the salient features of this product below.

  1. Constantly calculates material flow rate for materials moving on a conveyor belt
  2. Includes diagnostic indicator for weight & speed pickup fault detection
  3. Displays speed sensed from transducers for easy calibration/verification
  4. Zero adjustments for Tare & re-transmission output range are field adjustable
  5. Produces output pulse @1pulse/0.1Ton for remote totalization in SCADA/Control Room systems
  6. Very easy installation & can be configured to accommodate known conveyor idlers
  7. Weather-proof IP-55 sheet steel enclosure with 2 line backlit LCD display

Power Supply:SMPS AC 85-265V
Make material:IP-55 weather proof sheet steel
Max Channels:1
Measurement Range:Proportional to re-transmission output: 4-20 mA DC
Extendibility:Pulse output 1pulse/0.1Ton for remote totalisation in Control Room

Pricing Details