Digital Humidity and Temperature Controller

A very compact device that provides a reliable and economic instrument for continuous monitoring & control of ambient Relative Humidity and Temperature.This device monitors relative humidity and temperature using intelligent digital sensor (AM 2302/ DTH-22) and activates 2 control relays meant for controlling relative humidity and temperature respectively. Front panel offers a 16 char 2 line back-lit LCD display and offers optional MODBUS interface for reporting. ON/OFF set points of each control relay are user programmable using keypad.
Common Usage:
Air conditioned floors in Hospitals & Commercial premises
Environmental monitoring in Art Galleries & Museums
Green house farming
Food processing & packaging industries
Pharmaceutical industries

  1. Intelligent digital sensor(3-wire) - type DHT-22/AM2302
  2. Flush Panel mounting through 90x90mm cutout.
  3. Sensor Operating Range for Relative Humidity is 0 - 100% with +/-2% accuracy, 0.1% resolution and 1% repetability
  4. Sensor Operating Range for Temperature is -40 to 85 C with +/-0.5% accuracy, 0.1% resolution and 0.2% repeatability
  5. Data refresh rate is every 2 secs
  6. 2 nos control relay (with 1 C/O contact) - with field programmable independent set points (for Turn On/Off) of each relay
  7. Relay ON indication on 16 char 2 line backlit LCD Display
  8. Optional MODBUS RTU-RS485 port available in Model AC/DHTC2_RA for interfacing with PLC/SCADA systems for reporting Relay status, set points & measured values

Power Supply:85-265V AC, 50/60Hz, 1phV
Make material:ABS Plastic molded, IP-12,1/4 DIN
Measurement Range:RH: 0 - 100%; Temp: -40 to 85C
Measurement & Display Resolution:RH & Temp: 0.1%; Display - 0.001

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