Alarm Annunciator

Alarm Annunciators are extensively used in plants for monitoring events, alarming in order to ensure timely remedial actions and prevent loss or damage. The compact state-of-the-art annunciator unit is designed to enhance the aesthetics of your control area. Housed in moulded poly-carbonate enclosure, the windows flash RED when activated. This Micro-controller based, SMPS powered unit with diagnostic LED, provides 2 built-in Relays for Main & Ring back Audio alarms . The rear terminal blocks accept upto 2.5 sqmm size wires, with easily replacable window legend transparency.Field selectable Modes: AUTO RESET/MANUAL RESET/ RING BACK/ FIRST UP.Readily extendable with multiple units, to form a larger annunciation sytem with common Mode selection, Audio alarm Relays & Accept, Reset and Test push button inputs.

  1. Field selectable sequences as per ISA RP 18.1
  2. Auto Reset; Manual Reset; Ring back & First Up.
  3. Individual channel-Field selectable NO/NC.
  4. Programmable micro-controller based unit @12channels/unit. Unit can be Daisy chained for 24,36,48,60 channels onwards.
  5. 2500V opto isolated input channels with 24V DC interrogation voltage.
  6. Typical window size 50mmX50mm, split units with custom window requirement available.

Input Volt:Opto isolated upto 2400Volts
Power Supply:SMPS AC 85-265V
Window Size:46 x
Make material:Moulded Poly-carbonate
Max Channels:12
Scalability:Supports daisy chaining of multiple units in master-slave mode
Internal Contact interrogation Voltage:24V
Field selectable Initiating contact:NO/NC
Flash rate:1Hz
Max thickness of wiring:upto 2.5sqmm
Extendibility:Easily replaceable window legend

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