Concrete Batch Mix Controller -Single/Multi Hopper

Advance Concepts have developed the Concrete Batch Mix Controllers for OEMs of electrically operated Concrete Batch Mixers of various capacities. Controllers are field programmable to preset values for tare weight correction for empty hopper, individual target weights of Aggregate, Sand, Cement & Water (liters).
Indicate individual component weights by sequential filling of the hopper (single hopper machines). Prewarn (audio-visual) when each component approaches the respective target weight and switch over to the next component (lamp indication) with auto tare weight compensation. On completion of the filling of all components, a batch complete indication is provided, with indication of the total batch weight and the cumulative total weight of all previous batches since the starting of the batching plant. For single hopper machines, the hopper weight may be measured by 2/3/4 nos load cells. For multi hopper machines, the hoppers for aggregate (coarse & fine), sand & cement are simultaneously filled by respective conveyors, individual hopper weights (sensed by 1/2 load cells per hopper) are indicated on respective displays. On achievement of the target weight, for a component, respective conveyor is automatically stopped by the batch controller. Once all materials are filled to target values, the total batch weight is displayed & batch complete indication (with audio signal), is provided to enable the operator to raise to hopper to charge the material to the mixing drum. On lowering the hopper after charging, the controller resumes the hopper weight measurements afresh and permits to restart the conveyors to refill the hoppers.
The water addition to each batch, is controlled by the controller by allowing the water pump to run for a computed time period based upon the target value of water and the pumping flow rate. The product provides the option of accessing all batch data into a detachable USB flash drive, written in CSV format for easy readability.

  1. Every step in mixing process individually configurable
  2. Supports calibration of empty hopper weight correction
  3. Pre-warns every step completion with LED & Buzzer
  4. Automatically guides to next step in mixing process
  5. Complete batch data is retained & can be extracted at completion
  6. Provides detachable USB pendrive slot for accessing batch data in CSV format

Power Supply:Vehicle battery - DC 12V
Measurement Range:Depends on type of load cell used
Extendibility:USB pendrive with batch data in CSV format
Measurement & Display Resolution:Measurement depends on Load cell type
Display: 2 line backlit LCD diplay

Pricing Details

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